A brief sojourn to Lumut

Last week, i was asked to attend a technology update meeting in Lumut. I have not been to that part of the world for many years. Driving alone gave me the opportunity to choose the route. I had the choice either to take the PLUS highway, exit Bidor and proceed via Teluk Intan or I could take the west coast road via Kuala Selangor, Sabak Bernm, Hutan Melintang, Lekir and Manjung. I decided to take the slow west coast route. Since it was a working day, the road was pretty clear, after exiting LATAR at Ijok, I passed  Kuala Selangor, Tanjong Karang, Sekinchan, Sg Besar and Sabak Bernam. The road condition started to deteroriates as I entered Perak, albeit it was briefly fairly good at the Bernam bridge.  I almost got lost trying to find out the Damai Laut Resort since there is a palce called Damar Laut as well. The Resort was really isolated, almost 30km outside Lumut on the way to Pantai Remis. Fortunately it was daytime. I do not think i would be able to find the place if it was dark. Unless you are an avid golfer, the place has seen better times.

damai laut

Part of the technology update was given in Pangkor Laut.  The place was an exclusive resort.  We had to take a privately hired boat to the place. Exclusive the place maybe but I found the food wanting. A typical international taste – neither here nor there. But then, you do not expect them to serve food that taste like our roadside stalls, that would be too much too hot for the international tourists who paid a minimum of  USD800 per night to stay here.







The journey back was uneventful. I chose to take the long road via Manjung, Ayer Tawar, Titi Gantung, Bota, Pasir Salak, Changkat Tin, and Kampar before proceeding south via the the old JKR route 1. I exited Route 1 at Batang Kali and took the Sg Tua route to Gombak and home. It was a pleasant ride despite the distance. I reached home almost 7.00pm.




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