No sir you cannot park here if you do not have a Rapid Pass card

At the Gombak LRT station, Rapid KL has built a massive parking complex and it was opened to the public a few weeks back.  So when I had to attend an event in the city, I thought it was a good opportunity for me to use the facility. I drove to the Gombak station and as i approached the parking entrance, as usual I took my Touch n Go card to gain entry. But it was not to be. The helpers who were manning the entry gate told me the facility only accept Rapid Pass card. No Touch n Go. I can’t even pay cash. Only Rapid Pass. Typical. If I can use TnG card to ride the train and pay cash to buy tokens to ride the train, why should they restrict the parking facility to Rapid pass holders only? You built a facility worth millions to help the public use your train  and then you impose such a condition before commuters can use the facility. It is really ridiculous. What should  i buy another card when  TnG card  is touted to be the all encompassing card? Even Mykad can be loaded with TnG. Or why can’t they accept cash or use token like the LRT rides? it was a really disappointing experience  and I had to park somewhere else.  I do not know whether Rapid KL understand the meaning of Rakyat didahulukan.



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