When did you become a muslim?

For the Maulidurasul celebration this year we invited a rather special speaker to talk on Mind Transformation. The speaker, a muslim convert of 17 years posed a very interesting question, the very question posed to me by a long lost friend 20 years ago. Even until today, I still do not posses a definitive answer. It was a seemingly innocuous question. When did you actually become a muslim? For someone who was born a Muslim some 53 years ago, it was an outrage for someone to ask that sort of question. But upon examining the question carefully, it was a perfectly legitimate one that begs an honest answer.  Brother Shah Kirit who gave the talk that day said some may say they recite the syahadah in their solat at least 9 times a day. But they are  muslims who do not perform the solat and they are non muslim who innocently recite the syahadah as they sing the Raihan song and that did not necessarily make them muslim. So when did I become a muslim? Astaghfirullah.


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