How tolerant are we?

Continuing my comment on the talk given by Brother Shah Kirit the other day, I couldn’t help pondering the point he made about our level of knowledge on other religions or to put it bluntly our ignorance of other religions. He cited one good example, we wouldn’t bat an eyelid in providing beef to our guests even though some of the guest may consist devout Hindus.  Normally our Hindu guests would quietly chose something that they can eat and move on. Worst case, they would simply take their drinks and move on without making a fuss. On the other hand,   if we were to attend an event and the host innocently provides pork among the selection of other halal food, more often than not we would be hopping mad or quickly leave the scene citing host’s insensitivity as the reason. Some may say, this is an Islamic country and others should understand our rules and regulations. We make the rules, others should tolerate us. But I believe if we show how tolerant we could be, it will go a long way to show to the non Muslims how beautiful Islam is. This exactly how Prophet Muhammad did to attract the non believers. At one time he was bloodily attacked when he preached and when Jibril offered to harm his offenders, he said no. Instead he prayed for them and for them to understand his teachings.How beautiful.


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