Leading by 10 points, champions are for Man U and Cardiff to lose.

Last night Man U won 1-0 at Fulham. Another late show. A goal by Rooney. With that win  Man U is leading the table by 10 points. Judging by their performance for the past couple of months and past records, come May 2013 they would be champion again. Despite leaky defence and penchant for last minute winning goals, they are plugging away relentlessly – real hallmark of a champion. I cannot see anyone catching them, especially with a yo-yo performance by City and Chelsea. Much as I detest it, credit should be given where credit is due and Man U deserved it currently. With the transfer window now closed, I did not see any significant movement in City, Chelsea or Arsenal that would cause any jitters to Sir Alex’s team.  They can have half of the team decapitated, they are still enough players around to win the championship. Is there any team in the EPL that can afford to leave players of quality like Anderson, Nani, Scholes, Giggs, Hernandez, Evans on the bench  and still win games? Well maybe Man City. In terms winning medal, RVP surely have made a correct decision in leaving the yo-yo Arsenal.

Cardiff is also leading the Championship by 10 points. Their 1-0 win against Leicester was really crucial as Leicester is one of the leading contender. I really hope Cardiff can maintain their composure and win promotion outright. For the past three seasons they have failed to get past the playoff stage. It was really heartbreaking. I am glad that Vincent Tan stayed true to  the team despite repeated near misses for the past years. Now Cardiff had a real chance of emulating their next door not so noisy neighbour, Swansea, which having a bit of a successful second season at the top. By the look of it Swansea has managed to deal with the dreaded “second seasonitis” – a malady that has afflicted so many newcomers to the Premier League. Must tell this to a certain Datuk who did not give Swansea a chance in 2011.  I just hope they do not suffer “Wiganitis” – a perennial battle each season to avoid relegation – in the future. Now that they are in the League Cup Final, at least they have a real chance against Brenford.

Forest?, alas, being whacked at home by Watford is the price you pay for installing Alex Mc Hamish, oops, sorry Mc Leish as the manager. For the like of me, I cannot see why Al Hasawi invested in him. Prove me wrong  Mr Hassawi and Mc Leish!



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