Air Asia – master of deception

My brother in law  and  his daughter came to KL using the “now everyone can fly” carrier, obviously truly charmed by the low cost air fares.  But things are not as cheap as it made out to be, especially if you have not utilised the online facilities. For his flight back, in the rush  to get to the airport he forgot his printed electronic ticket.  The counter charged RM15 just to check him in. I just do not see the need to impose such a charge. Even if  had his ticket with him at the time, the counter lady still had to key in either his booking code or ticket number or his name or his IC number. So Air Asia is charging him for something that they are supposed to do anyway to check in a passenger. That is a plain daylight robbery to me.  The same thing  happened to my wife with Firefly. She did not have her electronic ticket with her when she checked in. Firefly happily keyed in her name and got her a boarding pass without fuss without charge. His misery did not end there. It so happened that he had some luggage for his return journey. Air Asia charged him Rm75 to check in his luggage! In the end he had to pay much more than the fare offered by MAS. To rub salt to the wound, he forgot to pre-book his meals!

Air Asia is very adept at deceiving customers.They appeal to customers with their cheap offers and hiding all those extra charges in the  lengthy T&C fine prints. I am not against AA but they have to be fair to their customers and be forthright upfront.


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