Forest lost in the woods

Nottingham Forest cannot continue living on past glories.  Even Liverpool have chalked up some decent wins recently. It really pained me when the owner appointed Alex McLeish as the new gaffer – a proven failure at Brum and AVilla. He maybe a great defender in his playing days and he may have  Premier League experience as a manager but not a successful one. I would have thought the Sheikh would persuade Forest old boy Martin O’Neill to come. Even though he is struggling at Sunderland, he has proven himself with Celtic, but McLeish?!!  Plzzz. Why not Strachan or Keegan or Curbishley or David Platt!!!  While we are at it, maybe they should get some advice from the Venkys.  Or they might as well retained O’Driscoll or get Shebby Singh!. I have high hopes when the owner said they are going to get a manager capable of propelling Forest back to the EPL, but with a draw with Palace and a 3-0 drubbing at Blackburn and a pathetic 2-3  home defeat to Oldham were not promising at all. McLeish can gesticulates all he wants but he is clearly not cut to lead Forest to glory. I just cannot see it coming. Sven Goran are you there….


Can Forest get another manager like him?
Definitely not him…
Maybe I should switch allegiance to this team – bend it like Becham
Pls Omar Hasawi, do not turn Forest into Blackburn






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