Sabah Short digital video comp

Last night must be another first for me. i was tasked to rep the director for the annual Sabah digital story telling comp. Jointly organised by MDec, state education dept and local BTPN. The event was mostly sponsored by the state Government. The state even sent its deputy Chief minister to officiate. Unfortunately he had to pull out at the last minute. It was fortunate for me because I was half an hour’s late due to flight rescheduling, well what do you expect from Air Asia these days, delays is fast becoming a norm. I was one hour late, arriving at the ShangRila KK at 8.30pm.  Had the deputy CM was there it would have been very embarrassing since I had to seat at the main table next to the Education Dept Deputy Director.

Sabah BTPN is at the forefront of digital story telling

The effort made by the schools were really commendable, but I think theme wise they lack direction and creativity. Most of the videos tell story of a bad boy turned good and finally did well  in exam. It was a real cliche theme.  Except for the entry from one religious school in Kelantan which delved into animation and futuristic theme. Unfortunately the scoring scheme also include marks for dialogues which that entry lacks. Having said that, techniques, shots, framing and editing were quite well done considering these are boys and girls barely above 10-year olds. I dare say they might put my so called hard nosed producers to shame. Mind you, they are only allowed to use a basic DSLR without any other film making aid. Some even managed to add in special effects and animation. I am waiting for the ability to upload users’ video in EduwebTV to be up. Then we should be able to see the result of these handiworks.

And it was the first time I had to wear a bow tie for an event!



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