Prelim Report: Education Plan 2013-2025

I cannot help chipping in on the current rage in the education circle in this country. The prelim report was announced by the Prime Minister on Sept 11th. Hopefully the results in 2025 would not be  as explosive as Sept 11th well known for.


In a nutshell, the report seeks to improve our education by leaps and bounds focusing on access, equity, quality, unity and efficiency. The nation aspires students that are well equipped with high order thinking skills, ethical, knowledgeable, bilingual, high leadership skills, and posses a united national identity. In order to achieve this, the education system needs to shift  into higher gear in 11 areas:

  • Equal access to everyone to world class education;
  • Proficiency in English and BM;
  • Driven by high moral values;
  • High quality school leadership;
  • Teaching as a profession of choice;
  • Empowering and strengthening SED, DEO and schools;
  • Leveraging ICT to improve learning;
  • Improving ministry’s delivery system;
  • Networking with PTAs, community and private firms;
  • maximising efficiency; and
  • improving transparency.

The transformation would take place in three distinct waves in the time period of  2013-2015, 2016- 2020 and 2021-2025.

Personally, I hope the Government has the political will to push the plan through, changing Government or Minister of Education notwithstanding. Often in the past, we have beautiful plan got shoved in the back burner due to changes in the leadership of the ministry and lack of funds. By the look of it, most the plan are quite common sense things that we have been talking all these while. Kudos to the team who managed to  corral various parties to come out with such an impressive plan. My only contention is the format of the book is a bit odd. With that kind of format, a lot of paper is wasted in printing the book. It would have been prudent of the team if they have consulted the Textbook Division on the most cost effective format of the report. After all, efficiency and cost effectiveness is one of the projected shift.

I have been switching back and forth  from the BM and English version. Somehow I got this feeling that the original was written in English and translated into BM. The BM version doesn’t carry the  nuances of materials originally written in BM. Maybe I am being nit picking.

The plan was launched by the PM on Sept 11th

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