After weeks of inactivity, today I found the rare chance to write again. It was quite impossible recently. Take this as a sampler. I went to Kuching on Saturday 14th and came back  on the 16th. On Thursday, the 18th I had to fly to Kuching yet again and came back on the 20th. In between, they were numerous meetings-serious and not so serious- to attend. It seemed like my working life is fast turning into a whole meeting-hopping sessions. How I wish it is island-hopping or something similar to that nature. But then again, the cookie has to crumble that way and I have to accept it.

Today, being the first day of Ramadan, I am rerererevisiting my henceforth unattainable Ramadan KPIs.

1. Read more pages of the Quran, at least complete the whole thing once – I missed this target for the past three years. Last year was the worst, I did not even complete three chapters. So I am revising the target this year, to be a tad realistic, probably five chapters would do. Or at least two pages after every compulsory solat.

2. Solat. I should make a point not to miss all those qabliah and bakdiah. Not to be late for more than two sessions.

3. Tarawih. At least one 20-rakaat tarawih. Maybe I should go to one of those suraus or mosques which still performs the tarawih with Surat Thur and completes the twenty rakaats within 20minutes. It seemed like all suraus and mosques in the Klang Valley have engaged a hafiz or two from Indonesia, or the middle east or  the east coast states to lead the Tarawih. Nobody does Suratthur anymore. It is either the whole Quran for the 30 days or you lose out. Look guys, we are not in competition to do the Tarawih.

4. Looking for Lailatul Qadar. Must make a real effort to catch lailatul Qadar. Accordng toDr Fauzi Derahman in his Ramadan sermon this morning, we have a better chance of getting some effect of the lailatul kadar if we conscientiously read the Quran and do the zikir in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

5. Sedekah. Again, Dr Fauzi suggests that we donate at least a ringgit per day for the last 10 days. The key action is to do it consistently every day, especially for the last 10 days, rather than a bigger sum as and when required.

6. Bazar ramadan spending. Cut this down to RM10 per day. Why should I spend more during Ramadan?

So, folks, Ramadan al Kareem.

How I wish DBKL listen to our plight like the way they listened to the complaints of residents in Setiawangsa. We have been complaining about the stalls in Jalan Wangsa Melawati 3/Jalan AU5D1 for years, especially the massive jams they caused during late Ramadan afternoons. We have talked to the local MP (he is more interested in Danau Kota uptown and Air Asia vs Mas affair), we have written to DBKL, and we have reports written in the local news paper. Some body better get Karam Singh Walia.


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