Now what? EPL yet to begin, Euro just finished.

Spain deservedly won the Euro, running the bewidered Italians ragged. I still think the final should be between the boys from Maaschaft and the La Rojas.  The Germans probably underestimated  the guile of the Italians in the semis. A few minutes of Ballotelli’s brilliance is enough to snuff out the German’s challenge. That’s the trouble with a short span tournament like the Euro and the World Cup for that matter, a team which can perform within that short span of time (roughly a month) they had every chance of becoming champions, unlike teams who tend to be slow and steady over a long period. Italy started very slowly and their moment of brialliance came in the match against the Germans in the semis. I remember the 1982 world cup when Paolo Rossi “moments of brilliance” single handedly destroyed the favourite Brazil to win the world cup for Italy. But, currently, Spain is really out of this world. A few would dispute that they are in a class of their own. Maybe now clubs would be scrambling for hitherto less famous players like Jordi Alba. One thing about Ballotelli, he can stand up against those Klux, NF, Neo Nazis white supremacist to prove that coloured people is also worthy of a place in fooball team, much like Viv Anderson, John Barnes, and to a lesser extent Paul Ince and Blisset did decades ago.  I still remember the abuse Anderson received in the City ground’s terraces, (but than they even called John McGovern Muppet) despite his sterling perfrmance for Forest. But then that was back in the 1980s where virtually no black players at all in the English First Division.   I still cannot believe that even after all the integration and mix of people in the EPL, Bundesliga, Laliga and Ligue, sense of white supremacy still exist. Do you think Chelsea can win the League only with the likes of Terry, Czech, Mata, Torres and Lampard?

Now that the Euro has ended and EPL yet to start, i have to excuse to stay up late anymore and being bleary eyed in the morning. the conversation at the office cafeteria would be rather subdued. Maybe I could do with the London Olympics to tide me over till the new EPL season starts in August. Well, I could watch Arsenal versus Malaysia XI  or Man city in the mean time. Arghhh….



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