Selling batik on hari guru: Hari Guru 2012 Posting (part 2)

Hari Guru 2012  have passed a couple of weeks ago but I still have some stories to share especially after the post mortem meeting which was conducted last week.

The Jubilee Hall Kuala Kangsar, all serene before the crowd arrives
the hall is a bit cramped. many had to watch from outside.

Despite its success in staging the event, I do agree with the Organising Chairman’s comment that the content of the event has become routinised so much so that there was nothing out of ordinary was presented. If there was any innovation it was incidental rather than intentional, despite the central theme this year revolves around innovation. No doubt Perak has put up a lot of  resources and efforts to stage the event and I must take my hat off to them. But,to me  there is a sense of hollowness to the event. Had the choir team did not put up a lively performance, the event would be even duller.

The actual event was delayed for a couple of hours due to work commitment of the Minister. By the time he arrived, the crowd had become restless and the students were gettting listless. To exacerbate the situation, it was pouring when the two helicopters that transported the Minister and his entourage arrived at the MCKK field. The pocket shows by the school children had to be crammed within the confined space of the Hall’s foyer, thus creating a cocophony of noise instead of harmonious music. Poor kids, I am sure they have prepared for this for weeks on end. Their spirits were admirable. They insisted on performing in the rain.

I was terribly upset with the failure of EduwebTV to transmit the event live. For me that was the mother of all disappointments. The SANS server and data base in Cyberjaya decided to take a rest on that crucial day. The techies had to reroute the live streaming to BTP’s portal to enable people to watch the event live thru the internet.  But still, it was not the same. This is the second time that we disappoint viewers with a false start. Last year  it was a power breakdown in Cyberjaya that caused a total shutdown half an hour before the event. I wonder why do the server came down on their knees on a very important day like this. Was it due to the heavy traffic? Don’t tell me we cannot handle 100,000 viewers at one time. My fervent hope that after we migrated the data centre to Sentul, it won’t fail us for the third time. Really shame on me. I  also believed that we could have done much better with the video clips of the tokoh Guru. Despite there was no complaint about the videos, I think they were very streotypical. With need a fresh angle on this. We’ve been doing them for donkeys years. We should be able to put a more vibrant clips.

Having said that, our team deserved a pat on the back for a job well done. Despite some internal strife which is quite normal on high tension event like this, the team effort was admirable. Highest accolades guys.

The exhibition which opened on the 13th of May on the Clifford School field was another bone of contention. Somehow the organiser managed to turn the event into a festival with concerts and what nots. The so called time tunnel that was supposed to depict our journey from wawasan to warisan (vision to heritage) became just a drab wall with pasted posters which hardly attracts attention. It was so different from the concept and image that was constructed in the designed stage. I take it, we and BPG were partly responsible for the debacle. We hardly had time to meet the company to discuss on what they are going to put up at the exhibitions and how they are going to run it. In other words we failed to rein them in the way we wanted them to behave. Being a commercial venture, they certainly would do as what they did – to maximise profits and minimise losses. We should have a firm document to bind them. On hindsight, The decision to hold the event in a school field was also not wise. The damage to the beautifully manicured field due to the tramplings by the crowd and te heavy viehcles would take years to recover. I just hope the school or the public won’t sue the MoE for damaging the field. We should have learnt the lesson from the damage done to the Esplanade in Taiping  which hosted another big event recently. Furthermore I cannot imagine a Hari Guru exhibition had a huge stall in the middle of the marque tent selling batik! It was ridiculous. It must be some thing to do with, I reckon, the theme, “Guru Inovatif Melonjakkan Transforamsi Pendidikan Negara”(Innovative teachers accelerate the national education transformation). Real innovative guys.

Festival Hari Guru?? come on guys.
Did u manage to get this commemorative mug? Real collectors item with Lat’s caricature.

2 thoughts on “Selling batik on hari guru: Hari Guru 2012 Posting (part 2)

  1. Maybe Next Year we should consider Merging Hari Guru with “Sure Heboh” AND have it furthur in Miri , closer still in Pengkalan Hulu where it would be for our rural folks to enjoy & assimilate facts & figures from MOE & Media Prima ! Let’s have a causual-affair & do not commit the schools for the event. The teachers & students are exhausted in roping such events – Hats off to them !!!

  2. I agree. Others should be celebrating for the teachers. Just like Mothers and Fathers day or Secretaries. Unfortunately teachers have to work extra hard to celebrate their own day. More akin to blowing your own trumpet.Poor cikgus.

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