BPL round up

The owner of Liverpool FC made a brave decision yesterday when they ” agreed” to the resignation of KK (I believe he was asked to resign). Looking at the position of Liverpool, despite spending 100m pounds over the summer, it still ended lower than Everton. Really untenable position, not much better than when they were under Woy. To rub salt to the wound, Woy now is the England manager. Not that I am his fan, but going by the final position of Liverpool in the League table, he is not much worse than KK. Unfortunately, the kopites can’t speak evil of him. A real double standard if you asked me. KK won only 14 games this season and a massive 37 points behind Man City and only 17 points above Bolton. I think, if he is not KK, he would have been sacked way back in December 2011. Yeah, he did win the League Cup, but one swift do not make a summer. The statistics said it all. By Liverpool standard, it was abject failure, plain and simple.

Two other things made my day over the weekend, one City pipped ManU to the title with a dramatic 90 seconds to go goal by Aguerro. I was watching the game with my nephews, both die hard ManU fans. They were so happy when QPR took the lead, and even when the situation were square with  two minutes into extra time, they still happy. I was messaging my daughter, how could City can’t beat a team down to 10 men and fourth from bottom. Then Aguerro struck. What a bliss. Commiseration to you ManU fans. Two, Swansea City managed to stay up in a respectable mid table position. I remember last May when I mailed my congratulations to the Swannsea e-group, Dato Satim said Swansea would be relegated come next May.  I am glad that  the team has proven him wrong. But next season wold be very crucial as the malais called “secondseasonitis” would start to bite. As history has abundantly shown, many promoted team did very well in their first season but began to suffer in the second season – hence the term “secondseasonitis”.

The event on Sunday probably go down in the history of the BPL as most dramatic so far with Man City snatching the championship title from Man U in the final two minutes of extra time. With Joey Barton sent off, we would have thought City would have a gala time. Instead QPR took the lead. QPR was quite lucky, still managed to stay up despite losing 3-2 to City by virtue of Bolton’s draw with Stoke.

Kick the bottle…

The most improved in 2012 team must be Arsenal  and Newcastle. Arsenal was down to 17th position at one time and a late rally in 2012 enabled them to grab the  third place. The image of Arsene Wenger abusing the water bottle has become sinonymous with Arsenal yo-yo performance. In November 2011, some people were saying Arsene Wenger has lost the plot. Newcastle was the surprise package of the season, so much so that Alan Pardew won the manager of the season award. Aston Villa’s free fall fortunately halted with the season end.  McLeish failed to build on Martin O’Neil legacy and he was swiftly sacked when the season ended.

So now onwards to Euro 2012.


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