2012 Teachers day jottings

Yesterday, I started off from home to another journey to the national level Teachers Day celebration. This year, out of the norm, it will be held in a royal town of Kuala Kangsar. A definitelybold break from  tradition of having the celebration in a state capital. It certainly had created a buzz in this sleepy royal town. In the mosque where I made a stop prior to the Silver  Jubilee Hall where the event is to be staged, a  few senior citizens asked me whether the event is only for the state or what. When I said the deputy PM is coming and the event would be telecast live on TV, there were quite excited.

The sleepy hollow of Kuala Kangsar is the host for Teachers day celebration 2012

Starting from home at dawn has been quite a norm for me these days for my outstation trips. Yesterday I started at 5.40am and after a subuh stop at the office I zoomed northwards via the PLUS highway. I reached the Padang Rengas toll by 8.20am,  256km away from KL. With that sort of speed, I won’t be surprised if there are a few traffic speeding summons waiting. Imagine what I felt when I discovered that morning event only started at 10am. I could have slowdown a bit had I known that earlier, and smell the roses, enjoy the morning breeze.

The event started with the launching of the Teachers Day 2012 Carnival at the Clifford School Field. It is also the location of the Teachers day exhibition. The event was launched by the Chief Minister of Perak. The usual razzmatazz accopanying an event sponsored by private concerns. They event had A&W, fried chicken and batik for the exhibition.

Meanwhile,  the first briefing for rehearsal  started at 900am at the main event location – Dewan Juble Perak MDKK –  a stone throw away from the Clifford School field. We had someproblems the camera platform, lens size,  and the sound system hopefully. Boy they should have anticipate these when they did the recon work early in the month. Hopefully everything would be in place by tomorrow.  The eduwebTv crew is still testing the line and I pray everything would be OK on the wednesday.

Today, 14th of May, the full dress rehearsal day. everything seems to OK except for the lighting system during the launching gimmick needs a lot of tweaking. It was dark for most of the time and the diffused light took quite some time to back on again, event after the gimmick was over. I am still had lingering worries about the tokoh guru presentation. The whole thing took to long. The rigmarole of getting them on stage by mechanically operated chair took endless to finish. They are six of them, each take about 2 minutes to hoisted up the stage and the video clip of their resume took another 4 minutes each. The whole segmen took something like 36 minutes – way too long and laborious.  But the secretariat seemed to be OK with it. What can I say. I am glad that the national chairman aggressively pointed that out in the rehearsal post mortem.



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