Countdown Teachers Day 2012


This year’s  national Hari Guru (Teachers Day) celebration will kick off in Kuala Kangsar (KK), Perak. It is quite historical in the sense that this is  the first time a national level Teachers Day celebration is conducted away from a state capital. I reckon the selection of Kuala kangsar has much to do with the existence two historically fiercely competitive schools, that pysically stand side by side in KK – the Malay College and Clifford School. The actual event would be held in Dewan Jubli Perak, the town Hall opposite the two schools.

The theme for this year is “Guru inovatif melonjakkan transformasi pendidikan negara”, a mouthful surely but it basically means innovative teacher will help to transform education in Malaysia. If going by latest PISA report, innovative and creative are two words  that our students really lacking. I put the blame squarely on us , the society. We have put so much pressure on our schools and children to perform in exams, they forgot about the existence of the two words even though, the curriculum is littered with them. Creativity and innovation would only feature in efforts to better exam results! You would be aghast and equally amazed at the effort and creativity the schools put in to get a better results in public examination for their schools. This is further exacerbated with the introduction of the “New deal” (Bai’ah) incentives under the education NKRA. well, that is another story.

Back to Teachers day, we had already started to make preparation for this year’s event as early as January. As usual we have been  entrusted with the tasks of recording and documentation. Kuala Kangsar being a small hamlet do provide a bit of a challenge in accommodating  thousands of people who would be inundating the town from as early as 10th of May. Many would have to stay in nearby Taiping and Ipoh, or even Sungai Siput. Major events will start on the May the 13th, with the launch of the teachers day exhibition in Clifford school football field. The Rt Hon. Chief Minister of Perak would grace the event.

We would also be recording the debate, forum and dinner on the 15th before taking on the actual celebration on the 16th. Currently we are busy making the Tokoh guru viedeo clips. Do watch out for the promo trailers that would be aired in local tvs beginning this week. The trailers were jointly produced by Filem Negara and us.

I just hope everything would run as smoothly as in Kuching last year. Hopefully there would be no more last minute change to the agenda.


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