Ustaz Don: A First hand experience

This morning by the grace of Allah I had the chance to experience first hand the current sensation in religious sermon. I had read about him in the dailies and watch him on TV Alhijrah on many occasions. People write glowing reports about his sermons, about the way he go about delivering them. He doesn’t need any of those new fangled multi media help. He simply delivered his sermon in a simple down to earth and logical manner with his endearing Penang accent. People do not mind though. In fact that make his sermons more people friendly. He had achieved almost a celebrity status. I believe this is partly due to his half-hour sermon every night on TV AlHijrah which has become very popular.

This morning one would have been forgiven in thinking that it was Friday. The crowd was huge. I had to park a few streets away, just like on Fridays. I was slightly late and the crowd had swelled to the mosque compund – a rare occasion for a early morning sermon (kuliah subuh).  And the crowd had an unusually large number of youths – a typical group that had endeared him, so I was told – already listening intently, occasionally sniggering at his jokes and his Penang accent.


His sermon was on Israk and Mikraj, a very mundane common topic. But the one hour that he spent explaining the topic flew by very fast. He used very down to earth everyday layman language, common examples and people can relate to him. He did not scream, he did not abuse, he did not accuse.  He joked that he needs about five hours to explain the subject. I came away seeing Israk and Mikraj from a fresh perspective. I believe we can do wonders with more people like him, especially in attracting the youths to the mosque.


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