Sperm harvesting

While waiting for the car being serviced, an interesting news item in the NST today really caught my attention. It was in the foreign news. The item reported that a few hitch hikers in Zimbabwe refused to hop into cars driven by women. One of the lady was bewildered because invariably men would love to jump at the chance of being picked up in car  full of women, what more if you they are hitch hiking. Apparently the men were afraid of the “sperm harvester”. Apparently they were many cases of men reportedly being forced to have to produce their sperm either being forced to sexual intercourse or otherwise. The women would later collect the sperm in the used condom. Some were even forced to do it at knife point. What is more bewildering, nobody seemed to be able to give a logical explanation what on earth the sperm would be used for. Most reports say the sperm is the main ingredient in some ritual for good luck and medicinal therapy of some sort. If it is on 1st of April, I would have thought the news must be an April fool item. I think we have found a place to incarcerate our serial rapists. Send them to that district in Zimbabwe and let them face those ladies. At least they do not have to force themselves upon women and they will get the chance to taste their own medicine. And they can put their sperm to good use – what ever it is for.

Another news item reported that the Stoke City Football Club manager, Tony Pullis, escaped driving ban, despite being found guilty driving at 150km/hr and accumulating 15 penalty points by giving one of the most outrageous excuse I have heard thus far. Asked on why did not he hire a driver, he said he cannot have a driver to help him as the driver would pry into his telephone conversation while driving him around. That would be detrimental to the general health being of the club as many of the conversations were secrets pertaining to the wheeling and dealing he conducted on the management of the players for the club. How’s that for glib!


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