EduwebTV, hello again.

After a seven-month sojourn in the multimedia Nextgen e-content development section of the office, I was reposted to my old hunting ground – EduwebTV- in early March 2012. Being an obedient civil servant, I had no qualms about the move. I take it as a challenge to improve EduwebTv. With BestariNet in full swing, we cannot fall back on the connectivity excuse anymore to explain low usage. Despite the latest hits statistics indicated that we have registered 482 million hits, posted 4,232 videos  and 32,000 downloads, it is not an impressive achievement as Alexa’s ranking statistics showed that EduwebTV has gone from 17,600th to 23,000th in the country. Having said that, I must congratulate the dedicated TVP team on  their continuous  perseverance despite limited resources. I take it as a challenge when the audit people said we cannot handle EduwebTV as good as the company. Usage statistics showed that, viewership is comparable to ZHTS era. In fact on certain months, viewership in our reign is higher. But we have to really position ourselves in this 1BestariNet era. The linkage to the FROG VLE  was completed recently and we need to be sure whether EduwebTV videos can be directly parked in the FROG or it is just another link. My recent foray into the Frog showed that, videos from EduwebTV cannot be stored in the widget store. It can only store the link page. That is not very impressive. I was under the impression that, videos can from EduwebTV can be stored in the widget store and  can be dragged to the main page as and when needed.  Anyway our main task now is to produce enough quality materials to enable teachers to prepare at least 80% of their lessons using materials from our widget store. That much has been stated in our KPI for this year. I wonder how we can effectively measure that 80%.

EduwebTV home interface. We need to revamp this. It has been static for a year.


After all the effort that we put in to promote EduwebTV as anywhere, anytime, anyone source of educational videos, they are still thousands of teachers with scant knowledge of it. Most teachers attribute the invisibility to lack of connectivity and time.

It was a bitter sweet experience leaving the NextGen e-Content team. As I have been with that team a few times before, the camaraderie is very strong. This is the team that I can remotely asked to stay back till 7pm without so much of a hiss of protest. Despite their protestations about the viability of the NextGen e-content, they still ploughed along to ensure it is a success. I can understand their attachment to the e-bahan. The process has been with them for almost a decade. It is a tried and tested process that has garnered ISO certification. If it ain’t broken, why fix it one may asked. Then again, we have to keep up with times. Actually there aren’t much difference between the process standards of the NextGen e-content with e-bahan. So I say give it a go this year. If things do not quite work out we can always revert to e-bahan. After all the e-bahan has all the characteristics of the NextGen e-content. To my successor in that department, I wish him luck. You have a very strong team. I will always feel that I am still very much a part of the team. The key part of the NextGen e-content is the establishment of the Community of Practice (CoP). I am really banking on this CoP to drive teaching and learning into the new era.


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