I got this from fellow WordPress bloggers. Maybe others should know about it aswell.

Polarprisca's Blog

I’m ruining a new manicure to bring you this consumer warning. That fact is to illustrate the depth of my disappointment with this online slight-of-hand. {Houston-we-have-a-purple polish, in case you were wondering.}

First assumption – you are like me and don’t really read the terms and conditions when you activate an account online. If you do more than scroll and click, then you won’t need to read the rest of this post.

Second assumption – you are disgruntled by the junk status-updates that keep appearing like graffiti on your Facebook Wall!

Facebook’s Open Secret Revealed

When you log-in to a site external to Facebook with your Facebook ID and password, you give that new entity permission to act as your agent and post messages to your wall. Messages that the entity creates. Hence the proliferation of ads and self-serving commercial messages that appear as if by magic. This…

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