Arsenal won 7-1? Must be a fluke.

In the house, currently, they are five of us at every weekend. All of them bar yours truly are strong followers of Arsenal. Weekend game involving Arsenal has become a family bonding session of sorts. Armed mugs of coffees, kuacis or groundnuts we would gather round the idiot box (well it isn’t a box anymore these days, more of a an elongated thin cuboid) and shouted ourselves hoarse. You could be forgiven for thinking our lounge has become a Stadium Astro of some sorts. After almost half of the EPL season gone, Arsenal’s flip flop peformance did not prepare us for last night’s result. Not after its terrible performance against Bolton the other week.

When Balckburn equalised to cancel van Persie’s early lead, I told my daughter, here we go again. But after Thierry  Henry’s goal, I had to swallow back my words. It was an ordinary game made extra ordinary by the defensive blunders of  Blackburn. They made Arsenal looked invincible, going by the scoreline at least. In actual fact I do not think Arsenal played that good. If they play like that against the likes of Man U, City or even Spurs, they cannot even get a draw, let alone a big margin win.

I am no enemy of Arsenal, I really respect Wenger,  but since last season, he has lost the plot. I think about time Arsenal get a new boss. If they do not improve on their flip flop performance, they can say good bye to Champions League yet again. The last night’s 7-1 result really made credible by a poor performance by Blackburn. To make it a more memorable night, the Swans also won.

Unfortunately, I cannot bear tracking Forest’s performance any more. It is still unbelievable they could turn from a Premier League play-off team to a relegation candidate within 8 months. How on earth the board could have chosen this Cotteril guy to be the manager. I still remember how David Platt many moons ago ruined the team. Maybe MUNA should persuade Ah Jib Ghor to get a Malaysian billionaire  to buy over Forest, but then again he is a Red  Devil to the core. Sigh….


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