Pessimist view of the new year.

I am not much of an optimist. Every new year I hardly hope for anything new or dramatic to happen in my life. People may not like it, but I cannot help feeling, 2012 would be business as usual. Despite the promise of 1BestariNet would make internet accessibility in schools a breeze, personally I am still not convinced. I have had enough experience of putting too much hope into a project and going round the country telling people of how wonderful it will be only for it to fall flat and to have the dirt splattered on my already battered face. The reason for its failure is beyond our control, we did our darndest and damnest to make it happen, but then due to things that were far beyond our grasps, the project failed to deliver on its promises and we were left holding the sick monkey on our lap ( to borrow the term used by my former DG).

To be honest, I am quite petrified of the prospects of things in 2012. Petrify with the facts that, now we may not have the excuse of poor accessibility for not using the technology in teaching and learning. Petrify with the facts that users may not like what we have done so far. Petrify with the fact that people would point out all those mistakes that we have done. Petrify with the prospect that  users would vilify us for providing not so high standard materials. Petrify with the prospect of schools blaming the ageing equipment for not able to use the technology. I am happy with their current ignorance. Happy and comfortable with their limited use. Ignorance is a bliss. Anxiety also heighten the sense of fear. How are we going to streamline all those requirements. How are we going to meet all those next gen e-content, cyber school, customer satisfaction, and 80% learning objects requirement. Can we meet our April target? Can we match the KPI? Do we have the capacity to do it? Am I going to be drowned in meetings again? Would I be distracted from our mission?

Wow, with all those burning questions, I can only gather my team and plan and hope for the divine intervention that everything would be OK. I am a pessimist and a worrier ( not a warrior mind you). Happy new year everybody.


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