When the mind is playing tricks on you.

Early yesterday morning I told my son that we are going to Diamond Bay (Teluk Intan folks!) today for my officer’s wedding reception and I planned to stop by in Sabak Bernam to visit my elder brother. It is a long weekend we could do with a bit of a break.

Later, at around quarter to four in the afternoon I received a call from the bride’s father. I confidently told him, I’ll be going tomorrow. I was a wee bit puzzled when he passed to phone to the groom and to my astonishment, he asked why weren’t I there yet, as it was almost four and almost everybody from the office was already there. Of course I was bewildered. I was so confident that the ceremony is today, 25th December, Christmas day. I could not be wrong, I had fixed it in my memory and virtually wrote it down. Of course I was wrong and I had to apologise profusely to the groom for the mistake. I double checked with the invitation card. There it was written in bold green letters, Saturday 24th December 2011. How I wish it was not that late, I could have easily push the old banger to reach Teluk Intan within a couple of hours and still make it to the ceremony.

Later I sat down and try to digest the situation. How could I get it wrong? I promised him that I would come. I promised his father in law that I would come. Indeed I intended to go, but then I got the date wrong. Events leading to the weekend probably tarred my memory. On Thursday I was busy with the inland revenue and the getting the wifey’s car serviced. I was in Ampang late Friday afternoon when I received a desperate distress call from the wife. The Serena’s alarm is blaring for no apparent reason. It won’t stop even after the engine was switched off and the ignition key pulled out. She was in the middle of MRRII, near Taman melati heading south  on late Friday afternoon and it was drizzling. Imagine trying to get to Taman Melati at 7.00pm on Friday , on the eve of a long weekend, from Ampang via MRRII on Friday evening. In my rush to get there, I missed the Gombak -Karak  turn off junction and had to take the Greenwood, Sg. Pusu, Gombak,to back to MMRII via UIA circle . It took me half an hour.  The Serena’s alarm is still blaring, I just put on the hazard lights and drove the thing back home amidst the annoyed and curious traffic seeing this crazy driver blaring his horn non stop along the way. When I got home, practically the whole community of Jalan Wangsa Siaga 1 came out to see what was going on upon hearing the piercing sound of the car’s horn. It was too dark for me to look for the cable that link the horn to the battery, so I simply had to yank out the battery connection to stop the din the car was making.  In the chaos I forgot to double check the date of the wedding invitation (which I normally do). Since it was already registered in my mind the  ceremony is going to be on Christmas Day, I slept with that wrong date firmly etched. So Ustaz Mad, I am so sorry. Congratulations. May Allah bless both of you and grace you with all the happiness in this world and the hereafter.

Come to think of it, I better check the date for my niece’s wedding, I am sure it is on the 31st.  On the other hand…

One thought on “When the mind is playing tricks on you.

  1. alhamdulillah,you’ve made it to my wedding =)))
    maaf sangat hari tu pak cu sebab tak dapat nak sembang panjang.harap pak cu x adalah berkecil hati atas mana2 kekurangan ye.

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