Durian kurang manis

The durian season is here again and despite being a son of durian orchard owner, I never got tired of eating those thorny, foul smelling king of fruits. Never mind mat salleh said it  smells like stinking drain. But when diabetic has a  hold on you, durian is definitely bad news.

durian and its glorious smell

A few nights ago we stopped by at one of those roadside stalls selling durians.  And from my experience helping my dad selling durian to the middlemen, I have never seen a durian that cost RM30 per piece, but then that night I have to. It was one of those cloned species.

Late yesterday, I was in Port Dickson for an emergency meeting and the organiser took a lot of trouble arranging for a durian feast. Since I was diagnosed a diabetic a few years back, I have to cut down on my sugar intake. I have learnt to love teh O kosong, kopi O kosong, teh C kosong and all those thing kosong. I have also cut down on my rice intake, but that is really quite difficult when Malaysian diet normally does not include salad and vegetable to supplement my rice reduction. I have no problem when I am eating on my own where I can devise my own selection, but then most of the time I have to eat in the preset environment, especially during meetings, seminars and packages. I have also familiarised my family with brown rice. Now everyone in the house have taken to like brown rice.

Back to the durian feast, one of my colleague brought me a peice of durian and told me it is “durian kurang manis” much like teh tarik kurang manis. Huh… durian kurang manis?…. He was joking of course to entice me into joining the durian eating  orgy.  There no such thing as “durian kurang manis” –  diabetics eat durians at your own peril!

Durian feast - if you are diabetic, you eat at your own peril.

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