Jalan Doraisamy revisited

Jalan Doraisamy - come after 5pm

The mere mention of Jalan Doraisamy, a little backlane conjoining Jalan Dang Wangi an the Heritage Row in Kuala Lumpur conjures up an image of colourful clubs and of course – soups.
I have not been to this part of the world for quite a while now, especailly at night. Normally, when my brother or my brother in law come to town, inevitably they would suggest that we visit Jalan Doraisamy for our dinner. Actually there is no particular restaurant, just a few tables along the footpath and the soup come from the proprietor in the back lane of Jalan Doraisamy. If you think McD or KFC are fast food, I am sure you would think again after your Jalan Doraisamy’s experience. The service is lightning quick. The waiters would rattle off myriads of soups and as soon as you make your choice, steaming bowls of thick oily and aromatic broth would arrive. I cannot describe the taste. It is out of this world, with loads of calories. Unless you are health concious, this is the place to be.

Soup kambing, sup daging, soup international, soup ayam, soup torpedo,.... you name it

Last night, in the drizzle we went to Jalan Doraisamy for dinner. It is our family bonding time. With yours truly extremely busy in the weekdays and nights, weekend nights are the time I can gather the family to catch up with things. Not that there is much to catch, but it is the only time I can get to connect with them physically.

 The place was rather quiet and the corner restaurant has become another branch of Syed Bistro and the otak-otak seller wasn’t there, neither was the busker and the blind beggers. But the mountain of nasi lemak packets were still around and the soup were still tasty and the service is still fast.

If you think eating out at the stalls in Jalan Doraisamy is cheap, think again. For eight packets of Nasi lemak, six bowls of soup, two packets of roti benggali, two teh tariks, one barley panas, one nescafe tarik, one teh o halia and one teh c kosong, set me back sixty ringgit! I think Jalan Doraisamy is fast becoming a playground for the rich who prefer street ambience, just like NZ Centre in Wangsa Maju. Never let the laid back and simple ambience fool you. The cost maybe as steep as McD and KFC.


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