NextGen e-content

For the past few months we were made to run like a headless chicken trying to to come to terms to the rapid pace of transformation at the MoE. Maybe the public is still thinking that we are simply a big juggernaut moving at a snail’s pace. Under the the GTP and the NETP, MoE  being transformed very quickly. Not content with the MBMMBI, we are also dealing with the KSSR and PBS. Then come the 1BestariNet.  To the uninitiated, 1BestariNet is the end to end solution to the issue of internet connectivity to schools. It is going to be implemented in 2012. It has been reported that by May 2012, half of the 10,000 schools in this country would be connected to this high speed internet.  Apart from providing internet connectivity to the nook and cranny of the schools, it also provides  a virtual learning environment for teaching and learning as well looking after the internet hosting and security issue.

The Government would soon decide on the solution provider that would be tasked with providing the all important solution to the internet connectivity to the schools. On our part we have to move up with times. Teaching and learning has to be transformed to cater for the Gen-Y and the millennium kids. We were tasked to provide teaching and learning contents that not only suitable for the new generation of learners but also must be able to exploit the capabilities of the 1BestariNet to the fullest.

In keeping with times, the new digital  teaching and learning materials (TLM) is aptly called NextGen e-content. Do not be put off by the name. It is a bit of a mouthful. It is not really new, we are actually rejigging the processes of our earlier materials which we formally called e-bahan and e-content. You know these days, anything digital tend to have the prefix “e” or “i”. Do not ask me why. I reckon it is fashionable to do so or simply plain herd mentality. I would be happy to simply call them digital teaching and learning supporting materials. But then again it would too plain and we would have problems to identify our products with the myriad of those already available in the market and in the internet. So with the help of the internet and our ever helpful long time partner, the MultiMedia Development Corporation (MDeC) we came out with the name “NextGen e-content” to identify our teaching and learning products. For the benefit of the readers, I append the power point that was used to present the Next Gen e-content to a group of teachers recently.

111121 nxt gen econtent

Another interesting point to note is that we are trying very hard to enable our teachers be generate their own TLM. It would be foolish in these days and times to rely solely on materials provided by the Government as they are literally billions of materials available in the internet. After all, only the teachers know the best materials that suit the capabilities of their students. How could a central body provides materials that would suit the users in Kuala Lumpur, Pengkalan Hulu, Wakaf Che Yeh, Nanga Bangkit, Tenom, Kuala Sedili or anywhere at the same time. They are bound to be differences. We are hoping teachers would be bold, creative and diligent enough to use the materials provided by the central agency to at least modify them or create a totally new materials. I must acknowledge that teachers have been doing these all the time all across the country. But we need more sharing of these resources. So we are establishing a platform for the community of practice (CoP) to gather physically or more likely electronically. The community I hope is not limited to teachers but include developers, parents and students as well.

These are a very exciting times indeed, especially with 1BestariNet coming on board in January to replace the much maligned SchoolNet. I just hope this 1BestariNet programme would not be falling into the trap of the Smart Schools pitfalls.


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