And the scooter hurtling down the road

I am always wary of the motorcycles riders, especially in busy roads during peaks hours. They seemed to control the roads as if they are paying a lot more tax than other road users. They had the audacity to honk you if you veer slightly into their paths, rather than slowing down, the would rather weave in and out traffic at frantic speeds. Scratches, bumps and kinks on my transport are testimonies of their carelessness. But today it went a step further, as I was about to turn right into Jalan Maktab from Jalan Semarak, near the JUPEM building, the traffic were at a standstill as it was normally on that road during Saturday afternoon. The yellow box was clear for me to turn right and I slowly turn the steering to the right, signals blinking, everything seemed to clear, then suddenly a blue scooter came at great speed out of the blue. I froze and thought, oh no, not with the missus’s car. The rider had no time to stop, it was too fast too late to dodge the front fender. And the scooter grazed the front bender. Fortunately the boy seemed to be OK. I event forgot to get this licence plate number. i


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