Hello, I am an invalid

As of last saturday, 1st of October 2011, I have been categorized as an Orang Kurang Upaya ( OKU), invalid or disabled person. Call it what you may, I am now entitled to claim all the benefits of an OKU if I register with the welfare department.

I have been a one-eyed Joe since I was five years old. I never seen it as a hindrance or an impediment. OK, once in a while I bumped into people or table or even cars but then so is every body else. I was blinded  from the tender age of five, I never remember what was like to a have full vision. I never remembered why either. Some sort of illness or something, so my parents told me. So you can understand why I do not see it as a handicap. I did not see it as an impediment, neither I see it as a weakness. I do apologise if I hurt those who really having problems undergoing their lives with a single eye. I mean no disrespect to them, but I am speaking from my 45 years of living as a one-eyed Joe. I had problems seeing the fringes of things on my right and of I had problem aligning lines. Do you remember the physics experiment in the secondary school where you have to vertically align your right forefinger and left fore finger. I always had problem with that and I used to be the laughing stock of the physics lab. But then again, I was always been a curio for the uninitiated about the absence of my right eye. Maybe I should wear a Moshe Dayanish eye patch to enhance the look. Come to think of it, that was the reason I was more known as Dayan than Shamsuddin during my secondary school days. Sdarians still address me as Dayan and I absolutely take no offence. That was part and parcel of the camaraderie of a boarding school life. Furthermore I harbour no intention to be a fighter pilot or watching 3D movies! Why should I wear those silly spectacles to watch movies if I can always watch 3D things in real lives!

Wow, imagine the benefits I could get, why did not they agree to it much earlier. Must go an apply now. As long as they do not ask to repeal my driving  licence it should be OK.


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