Who are the barbarians now?

The visual of the helpless Mohd Asyraf being robbed in London caused quite a stir in the cyberworld. Even the British PM commented on the incident, calling it a sign of a broken society. The riots in major cities in the UK are baffling the police and the authorities as to what actually the reasons behind the riots, looting, burning, smashing, violent conducts. As Mohd Ashraf said, he was surprised to see his attackers included kids as young as 10 or 11 year old. How could kids at that age became so violent and so engrossed with the herd mentality? Where is the civilised society that they are so proud of? Why such violence?

Speaking of herd mentality which the west normally associated with the so called “uncivilised” and barbaric people of the East and African continent. If we cast our memory back to the disaster that struck Japan in March, we  were really impressed with the Japanese who queued up for their foods and blankets even if their situation is so grim. No scramble. I am sure the world can forgive them if they started raiding the stores for the much needed basic necessities. But there was no looting despite the stores were all broken. You did not see people carting away food, TVs, blankets, or mattresses even they desperately need them. That is a sure sign of civilised  people. So who are the barbarians now?

Of course, as usual, good sense prevail, thousands later joined the cyber world to express their regrets over the incident. Some even set up pages to solicit donations to help Mohd Asyraf recover his stolen things, finance his parents trip to London and even offered to replace his PSP. But the damage has been done. The callous act really tarnished the image of the civilised society that Britain so proud of.

How civilised society acted when opportunity arisen?

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