Is the revival for real or just a flash in the pan.

Not many times we rejoice despite losing 1-0, but that was the general feeling on Thursday night after the lacklustre Chelsea team beat Malaysia by that score. The Astro Arena (or was it TV3?) reported that Malaysian soccer performance is on the rise. The reviival started when Chelsea last visited us a couple of years ago and our soccer team is on the slow road to recovery of the glorious past. Going by the record, I am pessimistic. we have been disappointed too many times in the past. The so called revival is merely a stroke of good luck or some fortunate wins rather than a real solid performance. I maybe wrong, The rousing performance against Liverpool is a mere aberration to a flat lining performance. With a porous defence that has let in 16 goals in the last couple of weeks, we do not stand a chance. Last night performance against singapore was no exception. We managed to stun Singapore with a first minute goal but then the leaky defence conceded four goals in the next 40 minutes. Amazingly we pulled back another two goals in the second half to make it a realistic 4-3 only for the defence to perform another blunder. How could a defender in the penalty box wait for the opposite striker to run past him rather than closing him down. How could a defender allow a 41-year old opponent striker to take a quick turn and fired into the goal? Amazing!

With the current set of defenders I am very sceptical that we could move on to the next round.  prove me wrong. I just hope we do not wear that jinxed yellow black jerseys in Bukit jalil on Thursday.


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