Moving on…

Recently as a part of the ongoing transformation of  the ministry of education, yours truly was moved to a different section in the Educational Technology division. Still in the same barn but in a different stable.

EduwebTV, as one of the onerous task in my previous section was taken over by the Ministry in March this year and we managed to handle it despite with limited resources and personel. We were also tasked with recordings of various events in the ministry as well preparing various video clips. It was a really satisfying experience. I got the chance to work with a team of talented and creative people. Kudos to them.

Moving on, I am tasked with the job of steering a section dealing with production of electronic teaching learning materials. In a way, it is similar to the job in providing  materials for the EduwebTV. It is just that the skill set are different but ultimately the final product is quite the same – creating supporting teaching and learning materials. The real challenge is ensuring that our people and products are ready for the virtual learning environment (VLE) soon to be rolled out with the new school internet connectivity set up that is going to be implemented 2012. We must move with times so that we won’t become dinasours in the education system. Actually we have been waiting for this for more than 10 years for this to happen. VLE has been bandied around since the launch of the Smart School initiatives, almost 12 years ago, unfortunately we did not see it happen because of various restrictions. Now that the time is right and the technology is there, We should be ready. There is no excuse. Watch this space!

The Tv production team in action

3 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Read your last post and its interesting to note that you are moving to another sector. I suppose its Resos, anyway congrats for the newpost and for a job well done based on the previous post.

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