Another milestone for EduwebTV – a fitting farewell

On Thursday, we had another fling at the PICC, this time to record and transmit the 37th PPM – inter boarding school debate. This year marked the first time we cover the event using our OB van and the whole event was streamed live to the EduwebTV.  The event recorded a whopping 812,000 viewership. I am truly amazed as it was done during school hours and a schooling day. Compared to Larian 1Murid 1Sukan which garnered 181,897 views and  Launching of the school-based assessment (PBS) 430,202 views. Clearly these live streaming of events really attracted users to EduwebTV as evidenced by the sudden surge in its hits. Last few months it was crawling at between 370 to 381 million and to day it has jumped to 437,320,279. The spike was definitely due to several live events streamed recently as other factors remained the same.  Even its Alexa’s Malaysian ranking has moved up to 17,000 instead of 24,000 last year.

I am truly glad that the end of my tenure as the head honcho of EduwebTV ended on a high note.  I was a tad sad to leave EduwebTV with so many things yet to be implemented, but this recent spike in viewership was indeed a consolation. I am leaving the baby in the capable hands of the EduwebTV team. With the advent of  BestariNet to replace the Schoolnet next year, I truly hope that the number of users to EduwebTV would climb higher than 450 million. Currently it is averaging about 9 million hits a month and hopefully it would breach that mark. Going deeper, I am hoping for bigger downloads and wider usage especially for the curriculum based materials. Going by the trend the usage would peak around July or August. It would tapers down to a trickle in the final months of the year. We hope to buck this trend by having examination papers uploaded into the Exam Papers Channel. As schools and students prepare for their finals, they need to practice with a lot of sample exam papers and I hope they will use EduwebTV to share their exam papers with others. This feature on EduwebTV needs to be promoted further. That I have to leave to my successor to look after.  I need to register my gratitude to the almost rambunctious  tv team who carry their duties well regardless of the shortcomings. As for now I would say Viva EduwebTV You people have made it worth the while.



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