1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia run – an historic day for EduwebTV

Last Saturday saw the launch of the 1Murid 1Sukan policy – a policy that is trying to bring back the glory of sports to schools as well as aiming at developing a more holistic children. Actually the whole principle of it was already cast in our National Education Philosophy many years ago. But somehow the implementation was skewed more and more towards academic achievements so much so that the public at large was thinking that something was wrong with our education system. The system is sound and solid as a rock. It is the implementation that sucks.

Anyway, the launched was graced by the YAB Minister himself in Taiping, a beautiful historical town.  The run itself made into the Malaysian BOR but more importantly for us, it was the first time since we took over EduwebTV in March 2011, we managed to stream the event live on EduwebTV. The event was recorded using our old faithful OB van and the whole thing went live at 0715 hrs as soon as the TPM arrived. It took us almost 10 heart stopping minutes to get the connection. After a few restarts the visual began to appear on the screen. It was such a relieve after the debacle in Kuching in May. I must register my gratitude to the team especially from Perak who assisted us in more ways than one. Today we are trying to do that again in Bangi for the launching of the PBS by the TPM. Hopefully the Bersih fiasco will not create havoc. Judging by the announcement made over the mass media last night, it is going to a harrowing day for today and tomorrow for us traffic users. What a mess.



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