Transforming the teaching services – take it to the labs

Under the government transformation programme, the government is right sizing the civil service.  The current size of the civil service is believe to be bloated, more so with the teaching services. The teaching  (or education if you want to see it in a bigger perspective) is humongous, with more than 450K members. The government is saying that they are currently far too many officers are serving the various offices in the ministry rather than the schools. When the prime Minister announced during the recent teachers day celebrations, new incentives for practicing teachers and head teachers, many non practicing and non head teachers were disappointed. Some even walked out of the convention hall signalling their silent revolt. So, we were told to study the proposal to improve it and hasten the process. The usual rigmarole of having workshops or brainstorming sessions were hastily assembled. These days they do not call it meeting, discussion, workshop or brainstorming anymore. Following Idris Jala’s style, the sessions are called laboratories!. It make you feel like you are disecting frogs or mixing chemicals or rolling trolleys down the friction compensated track,s wearing white chemically stained lab coats! Labs are the place where you experiments with things under controlled conditions and by virtue of the expression experiment you can do anything you like, no holds barred sorts of things but everything is confined within the controlled lab enclosure. I do not know what to expect from the upcoming teachers transformation lab. As far I know, it is going to be a gruelling days and nights sessions. Going by the experiences of those who had attended the NKRA labs, working up till 2.ooam is the rule rather than exception.  As it is, we already had to attend a  rowdy 3-day after work pre-council sessions. All very floaty kind of stuffs, nobody seems to know clearly what is going to happen at the labs. Loosely we are looking at the career paths of teachers in teaching and learning and in education administration. One thing is sure, the outcome of the labs would be crucial to the future of the teachers in this country. I sincerely hope I won’t be cursed by the future teachers!


One thought on “Transforming the teaching services – take it to the labs

  1. I don’t envy the task given to you, Sam. But having you on board, makes me feel confident that there will be people looking out for both teachers and non teaching staff of the education ministry. Good luck and remember, right sizing doesn’t necessarily mean down sizing. Not only do we need to look into the future of teachers in the country but to all our ‘future’ generations of teachers who look forward to becoming members of the teaching fraternity. All the best Sam.

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