Obedient Wives Club!

The local press was abuzz yesterday with news about the official launch of the Malaysian Chapter of the Obedient Wives Club (OWC). Well, there is nothing wrong that. What got the press people so excited or agitated, depending on which side of the fence are you on, was the statement made by the OWC  International Vice President, Dr Rohaya Mohamed who was quoted to say, ” Married women often forget their wifey duties, including “pleasuring the husbands in the bedrooms”. And she added further that ” a man married to a woman who is good or better than a prostitute in bed has no reason to stray”.

The movement is founded by Global Ikhwan or formerly known as Rufaqa corporation or formerly known as AlArqam. Now I am sure you see the connection. AlArqam disciples strongly believe that for a woman to go to heaven she only has to fullfils four conditions, namely: conduct her daily prayers, fast during the holy month of Ramadan, protect her dignity, and be obedient to her husband. Whatever the wrong doings done by the husband is between him and Allah and it would be duly dealt with by Allah in the hereafter. As long as his demands do not contradicts islamic edicts, a wife must follow obediently. So simple, so it seemed. Dr Rohaya said “A woman should always remains faithful as Allah’s fairness will ensure that she will be rewarded”.

Many of the followers of this movement are well educated, articulated and professional people. And that make one thinks whether what they are doing is right. Mind you, at one time they were thousands of followers of this Al Arqam movement and their little haven in Sg Penchala is the most successful self sufficient Islamic economic ecosystem in the country. I believe they were the pioneers of the Islamic products that were the norms today. And the prime movers behind this were the wives. Well, Saleh Yaakub aside, they were not many people who can keep more than two wives and live peacefully – that only happened in the Al Arqam communities. Since all the wives believed that making the husbands happy is the path to heaven, they’ll do whatever to satisfy the husbands and keep them happy. Thus the recipe for the happy and harmonious communities.  Of course Sharizat, Mashitah, Zarinah and their ilks made a lot of noises, but these disciples of the late Abuya Ashaari are very resilient. Banning them is like stopping flow of water – they’ll show up in most unlikely places, sooner or later.


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