Viva Barcelona!

The European Champion’s League Cup Final was on last night.It was the British Champion, Man U versus the Spanish Champion, Barcelona. It was worth it – staying up till 4.30 to watch Guardiola’s men mesmerized, dazzled, and trampled Man U. It was not that often we had the pleasure of seeing the table turned on Man U. They were made to look like a bunch of novices. As Steve Mc Mahon said, it wasn’t that ManU did not play well, it was the case of Barcelona played so much better.

For the first 10 minutes, Man United seemed to have the grip of the game. Van De Sar had almost nothing to do until that goal from Pedro. After that it was Barcelona all the way. When United equalised before half time, for a moment we thought Man U can claw back into the game, especially when they went back into the field in the second half  – a good two minutes before the normal time. It was a psychological move by Fergie but it did not work. Barca dominance in the second half was so complete, Man U can only muster about 3% passes and 20% possessions.  And the goals from Messi and Villa were so classy, they could be easily classified as goals of the season. Villa even had the time and gall to stop and curved the ball beyond Van De Sar’s reach. Had Man U had a less calibre keeper, they would have lost a few more goals. Viva Barcelona!…

Messi mesmerised Man U into oblivion

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