What an unsafe world we lived in

Years ago, I wrote something about how we have to go about in our daily life having to depend on all sorts of keys and locks. You do not believe me. Think about it. To start this computer and gets it up and running the various programmes, more often than not you have a password or some form of security code. You locked up your gate, your grill, your main door, your glass sliding doors, your windows grills, your room doors, your special cabinet in your wardrobe, your toilet doors, and the list is endless.And maybe you lock up your fridge as well. Imagine having to carry all those keys in your pocket wherever you go. That could easily adds up another kilo to your already bloated figure.

The issue on locks and keys came up again this week when I had to attend a workshop at one of the world’s top chip maker’ sales office. It was one of those CSR stuff and they are helping us to draw up instrument for some surveys. The office is in one of those swanky part of Damansara, And of course parking is a premium at a no discount RM3 per hour rate. I was already having my office security tag dangling from my neck, that worn out bright yellow  2008 Teachers Day lanyard , without which I would have to knock on Gilbert’s window to get into the office – thats another story. At the lobby, I was given another security tag to get into the lift area and the lift  transported me to the required floor as well as to get into the suite. Wait a minute, I cannot go in, the pass obviously did not allow me to go into the office. Press the bell, you twit. OK, now that I am in, please register and have another security tag to get in and out of the workshop area. Now you can see that I already have three security tags adorning my tie. Very pretty.

Being a diabetic I had to go the toilet ever so often, especially after I have taken glasses of plain water in the morning. It is my habit now to drink at least three glasses of plain warm water as soon as I wake up in the morning. A habit I picked up from another diabetic sufferer in Mukah years ago. So, as I was asking the receptionist the location of the loo, I was given another…yeah you guessed it… yet another key. You need the key to open the door of the toilet! I cannot imagine why on earth they need to do that.  As I was fumbling with the key at the key hole, bladder almost bursting, I realised that I was at the wrong toilet. It is THE toilet for the EXECUTIVES, I had to use the other door. Oh my goodness I cannot believe for such a wellknown highly liberated and successful world class company is practising such an old archaic feudalistic system of toilet usage. Well, I maybe wrong, it may not be the company’s policy but the building owner’s. Then again, as the user of the floor, definitely they can change the rules. So, I am telling you, if you’re suffering from diarrohea do not come to this place, or you run the danger of being ” terkuchil” before you can find  your  loo.

The moral of the story, we live in such a distrusting and unsecure society, we had to lock up everything, even our toilets – not while we are using them but for us to use them!


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