Teachers day posting – the rehearsal and dinner

It is rather strange to have the celebration dinner before the actual event tomorrow but due to time constraint, the teachers day state dinner or majlis Berambeh as they called it here, was held tonight at the spanking new convention centre, the Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching – BCCK in short. As usual Sarawak deserved the accolades for parading their full blown cultural diversity. The state sponsored event was graced by the Chief Minister and his young bride, who caught the imagination of the audience with her outstanding Arabian beauty.

The rehearsal this morning was quite a heartache for our producer. He was kept in the dark about the actual running order of events resulting in a few heart stopping moments.  The powers that be at the last minute decided to include a video speech of the PM made by RTM. As far as we are concerned, that is OK but the tape that they gave us is not quite finished. Some editing still to be done and we have only a few hours to do it. And the content is still embargoed. Only the producer and the editor can have access to it. One plus point, the big guns also took the opportunity to view the Tokoh Guru clips and gave their thumbs up despite the running time are way beyond the recommended 3 minutes.

It was quite difficult to do a full blown rehearsal when the hall is full of neatly arranged dinner tables. We cannot placed our cameras properly and the movement of the cameramen were quite restricted. So some of the shots were quite restrictive and not so creative. We also not told of the actual running order and sarawak chose to be peculiar in their running of events – no proper emcee to announce the changing of agenda. We had to rely on the various other clues such as lighting, movement of  performers or music to switch from one event to another. Quite harrowing actually. had we had the chance to discuss thoroughly the running order with the main organiser, it would have created not much of a hassle. Then again, we do not have that luxury and we cannot  use that as an excuse not to anticapate what is going to happen. We have seen the dry run two days ago and we should be able to double guess the running order.

Like moving through a mine field, we really had to be careful tomorrow. I am really glad that the organiser decided to have another go at practicing tomorrow morning before the actual event starts at 2.30pm.


2 thoughts on “Teachers day posting – the rehearsal and dinner

  1. Wow…imagine the suspense. Still…great job and congrats to you and Pn Asiah and the crew.

    Happy Teacher’s Day!

    Terima kasih Cikgu.

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