Post Hari Guru posting

The backroom boys at work

We were already knocking on the doors of the BCCK as early as 8.30 this morning to prepare ourselves for the big day. Some rearrangement of the seating has to be done to plant the cameras in the crowd. A final meeting was held around ten to thrash some issues on the tokoh Guru announcement. Everything went smoothly until 2:15pm when the organiser told us the Chief Minister wantt to give a speech as well. All the timings has to be redone. Live telecast to RTM, TV3  and Astro AWANI are effected. Heck, RTM decided to carry on until the TPM’s speech.
Another snag came in at 2:20pm, the Schoolnet decide to take a break at this crucial moment. THe data centres seemed to be OK but we cannot get to the schoolNet. Ouch.. not now John. There goes the live transmission to the Eduwebtv. WE’ll be cursed left right and centre tomorrow. I can’t help feeling  that we have been stood up by the Schoolnet operator. What is this…

What would we do without these dancing little girls

By 245 pm we went live to RTM and TV3, everything proceeded as per the plan. Even the CM cooperated by speaking only for a few minutes. And the PM’s prerecorded  speech looked good. Then disaster struck, I am already apprehensive of this event – the tokoh guru proclamation. We discussed about it at length in the production meeting this morning. Still the stage hands managed to mess up with the order of play. It was a real frantic 8 minutes to switch the order of the citation as per the prerecorded tape. With a few minutes to spare they managed to switch the winners in their respective position on the stage according to the order of the citation tape. How could the stage manager did not check the order before sending the recipient on stage. I was already fidgeting and tearing my hair out. Fortunately all ends very well bar the live streaming to EduwebTV. So another Teachers day celebration went by. Hopefully we would be better prepared next year. I must give a big thank you to all my team who run everything like clockwork. A job well done and congratulations and A happy belated Teachers Day guys.

The hall's entrance
post celebration stage photo

6 thoughts on “Post Hari Guru posting

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