Man U has MUTV, Chelsea has Chelsea TV, and Liverpool… has History Channel!

Ouch, ouch, ouch… that comment from the PM this morning even in a jest really hurts. I am sure all Kopites out there was stung by his  humour. For somebody who graduated from Nottingham, I expect him to be rooting for Forest. But then again Forest missed out  the automatic promotion  again this year after such a promising start early in the season. I hope they can hold out for the  play off which they lose last season and Billy Davies said they are not ready. Do not tell me they are not ready again this year.  Congratulation to Norwich. They just gained promotion to the Championship this season and went straight to the Premier League next season. It is all about consistency. I wish Norwich and QPR good luck. Hopefully the money from the Indian billionaire can prop up QPR in the top league. With the current squad, I am afraid they’ll be just like Blackpool or Burnley. Once the surprise aura wear off, they’ll be the whipping boys. I hope the ongoing investigation will not effect their promotion. It is really unfair to dock 15 points from them after they have gained promotion. The timing really sucks.

Maybe QPR could emulate what Stoke City is doing. Tony Pullis managed to overcome the so called “secondseasonitis” malaise. Hopefully they revive the giddy days of Gerry Francis and Clive Allen and keep Loftus Road alive again.

As for Liverpool, lets pray the improvement will breed consistency next season. As I said earlier, appointing Hodgson was a big mistake. He is not a big time guy.  He’ll do well in clubs like Fulham dan now WBA, but hand him jobs in big clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle or Arsenal, I do not think he can handle it. Maybe next season  the PM will sing a different tune for Liverpool.


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