Can u help to mop my flooded kitchen?

The past week has been a whizz and a blurr of flurries across a few states. On Tuesday we had to attend departmental coordination meetings in Bukit Tinggi. Being a nationwide government organisation with branches in every state including Labuan, coordination is a must for my department and we do it every quarterly. Despite the advent of technological tools, we found face to face meetings are more beneficial and help us not to lose our humanistic touch. The three days two nights affairs are normally jam packed with meetings. All sorts acually, from finance to maintenance to governance to administrative matters. Some times it turns out to be a lot of work with very little play. But thats the way the cookie crumbles. No complaints. In between the afternnon and night session of the final day I had to take a quick dash back home. The washing machine decided to take its much needed break after flashing us a few “I am getting tired” grunts for the past few months. The repairman had to take it away and of course that was the guise to delve into my already shallow pocket. “The washing drum gasket and socket valve magnet had to be replaced sir” the man said. “Yeah, you can say whatever you like, even if you said you need to replace the flimsy plastic thin wall covering, I would have said yes do it”. “It is only RM480 sir, thank you, I take only cash. We have tested the machine and it worked well. You’re lucky the machine has been working for many years now”. And that very night, the connecting pipe burst, I was already on my to Kuantan. The kitchen was flooded and the wife was not well. What could be worse. I called back the repairman who smilingly (I can sense the smirk on his face) told me that I need to replace the pipe to the main water source. “Can’t we just replace the worn rubber washer?” “No sir, you must replace the whole set, it is already rotten, it is only RM45 mah…” Ok, but sorry sir, the technician cannot come now, he has gone back, we’ll come tomorrow morning”. “Can you come and help to mop up the flooded kitchen?” Sir, we do sell water proof vacuum cleaner sir, it can suck up water very quickly, it is only RM750….” “Go and stuff your vacuum cleaner”, i grunted. I’ll mop the floor myself. We ran the machine again after the main connecting water pipe was fixed. I was half expecting some other problems would turn up. True enough, the drain pipe was leaking. The kitchen is flooded yet again. Another round of phone calls.” Aiyah.. sir when we test at the shop, your machine was OK, no leaking, but your rubber hose is old and brittle, must replace, not much mah… only RM 20.” Why the heck didn’t he checked everything at once. Maybe that was his strategy of wringing RM560 from me. If he charged me at one go, it sounded so expensive, I would be scared off using his service again. A real sound strategy. Do not need Blue Ocean mah…Now the machine is back in business, I wonder how long it will last, after all it is already well past its used by date.
But somehow the irritating washing machine entrails did not spoil the week. My son’s SPM result was way beyond expectation. At least he closes the SPM chapter in this family the way his eldest sister opened it – a straight As. I am proud of you son.


2 thoughts on “Can u help to mop my flooded kitchen?

    1. Why replace something that is still working (well apart from some kinks here and there). Must contribute to saving the planet by reducing waste.

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