Is Liverpool revival for real?

The euphoria over Liverpool’s 3-1 win over ManU last week was quickly doused when they were beaten 1-0 by an unknown Portugese club Braga in midweek. So is the Liverpool revival is real or just simply an aberration due the incredible aura of KK? If I am not mistaken, KK resigned as Liverpool manager the last time when the going got really tough and they never recovered since then.Of course he is a legend as a player. I remember watching him making that famous six-pence turn at the City Ground in Nottingham back in the early eighties. But as a manager, he is not that great. Yeah, he was the manager when Liverpool last won the Championship. But he inherited the great team assembled by Bob Paisley, not a team built by him. Speaking of the team, is Andy Carrol worth the 35 million pound? From what I saw in the few minutes he was in the Man U match he really reminded me of a lost man named Voronin. Remember Voronin, pony tailed, muscular, and bit player loved so much by Benitez. He scored less than 10 goals for Liverpool and the way Andy Carrol running around aimlessly in that few minutes really has an uncanny resemblance to the way Voronin played. While Suarez has proven to be a real live wire, I am not too sure about Voronin,err… I mean Carrol. So is Liverpool revival for real? If you are talking about the revival from the Hodgson debacle, yeah, I agree but we are talking about five-time European champion. Well, we’ll see come May or maybe next season.


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