Harbouring ailments and malais

The wifey chided me today for not taking my health seriously and being tardy in getting treatments. Probably she had notice that I am not as healthy and fit as I used to be. She termed my procrastination in getting check up as “harbouring diseases”. Surely I do agree with her wholeheartedly. Yes I am guilty as charged. She also hit the jackpot in pointing out that we are no longer young when the body defence system can fight off diseases quite easily. I’ll be 51 this coming week and definitely it is not young and I believe I am already carrying all sorts of ailments waiting to surface as soon as the defence system fails. I have been giving the excuse of being too busy to go to the hospitals. Of course I am busy, especially these few months. But then again we are always busy with works, families and other commitments. Is it worth it? My best friend told me to slow down and take care of the body. He said that when you are sick or hospitalised, office people won’t bother about you anymore after the initial sympathies had evaporated. All you have is your families, so do not over exert yourself over office work pressures.
The actual fact is my procrastination weakness is at its height when getting treatment comes into the picture. I hate the waiting, the queues, the cold treatment of the doctors, etc… But the truth is I am scared of being told the truth, so the self denial mechanism kicks in automatically. I probably would postpone the trip to the hospital again and again until I cannot stand it anymore. Back in 1999, my friend Banard also suffered from the same syndrom. The irony is, I was the one who urged him to go to hospital for check up. So what what excuse do I have?


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