Dualism in our thinking.

Prof Sidek Baba wrote about dualism in the March issue of “I” magazine. If you are not familiar, the “I”  stands for “information,innovation, ilmiah, intellect, international and Islamic”. Dualism deals with doing or believing in two opposite things  at the same time. And  the two things are completely the opposite. He gave an example of  a charity event to collect funds for the orphans. To collect the funds, a gala night with a rock bands or beauty pageant with models in revealing dresses was held. From Islamic stand point, the idea of helping the orphans is definitely exemplary but the manner in which the funds was solicited was definitely unIslamic. This is dualism that he said quite dangerous for Islam because it is equivalent to the concept of “the end justifies the means”. In Islam, means must also be done the spirit of Islam.

We believe that Allah is one and the only one who can determine our fate. But at the same time we rely and on human beings and believe that mere mortals can determine our future to the point that we are scared of our bosses more than we are scared of Allah. How many times we rush to his or her office at his or her beck and call but at the same time we took our time when we hear the Azan, the call for us to face Allah.  How many times do we stayed up till late  nights to finish some jobs that the boss needs early tomorrow morning but we do not even bother to wake up to do the tahajud? I do not know about you but I am really guilty of that.  Maybe about time we get our perspective right and got this dualism out of our system.


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