Election saturation

In a way I am quite glad that the Klang  Court ruled that Badrul Hisham is still an ADUN, or else we’ll have another by election. I cannot remember which parliamentary terms that had more numbers of by elections than the current one. We just had one in Tenang and now soon we’ll have another two in Merlimau and Kerdau. Not to mention the impending Sarawak state election. With the major mass media either owned by the government or government linked parties, the coverage has come to the stage of saturation. The opposition pact media is no better, almost everything is slanted towards either elevating their efforts in helping the rakyat or promising some sort of in the cloud solutions or sniping at government’s effort. Even worse when they use their ceramah agama as platform to thrash their opponents. I do agree Islam is a way of life and ever permeating, but I believe Islam do not condone running down people at every nook and corner. They should expound the virtues of Islam, show exemplary leadership and truly show the beauty of Islam.

The election overdrive is  seen everywhere and everyday. You can sense that the national election is just around the corner and mind you the current Parliamentary term still has about a couple of years to go. Maybe it is about time the country legislate the need for the ruling party to specify election date well ahead. In some countries, the government would announce election date some six months ahead. I reckon that will reduce politicking and level up the playing field. Everybody knows when to expect the election and prepare quite thoroughly rather than playing to the gallery of guesswork. Of course the current setup favour the ruling party but then again that is the advantage being in power. For the time being we all have to contend the endless election campaigns even though the actual election is still a long time coming.


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