New Year Address by the Minister

It was supposed to be the new Year’s address by the Rt. Hon. Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Education and it was scheduled to be held early in the year. But the event was postponed to almost mid Feb 2011. Definitely it was no longer a new year’s address as the 2011 has been with us for almost one and a half months.
The event really sent our team in a tizzy. Apart from recording the event we were also told to prepare a 10-minute clip appraising the success of the Ministry in 2010 as well as preparing a three-minute montage for the presentation of the “Sumbangan Kerajaan” to the MoE.
After a series of postponements and switching of venues the event was finally held at the PICC on the 10th of Feb 2011. You can checked the Minister’s speech on our eduwebTV
Alhamdulillah everything went well. Surprisingly we were allowed to park our spanking new OB van on the same level as the VIP’s level instead of the usual junkyard level. The clip also was well received. The making of the clip did not pose as much heartache as the last year’s Teacher’s Day clip. I hope our directors have learnt their lesson and well prepared for this year’s event.
The Minister’s speech really took a different tone this time. It was more intimate and teacher friendly so to speak. He was resonating his earlier praise of teachers contributions to the well being of the nation. It was not very often a Minister would single out certain schools and teachers in a nationally televised address. He certainly struck a harmonious chord with the teachers this time. Having mention names like Cikgu Juan of SK Bebangan, cikgu Jama of SK Tampak, cikgu Subra of SJKT Ladang Dublin and Cikgu Ang of SJK Kheng Chee went a long way in shedding the image of people at the top did not really care about what is going on at the grass root level. I believe that mentioning teachers of various races was also a deliberate effort to show that the Ministry is not only catering for the Malays. Of course the press only picked up the juicy bits about the 2.9 billion ringgit contribution and the RM7,500 cash rewards under the New Deal for school heads. The speech writers must have worked till late hours to come out with such speech. I can tell it was a good speech when the wifey did not utter a single complain when we got back. Normally she would be highly critical of such event, especially the speech. But for our production team, it was not very satisfying as we only received the copy of the speech almost at 3am, way too late for us to put any visual insert to spice up the background of the speech. Well, you cannot win them all. As usual, my heartiest congrats to the team who made the event a success. Now off to Ulu Lubai, Limbang people. Gather your strength, you may have to carry the boats as well as the equipment across the shallow water.


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