What an amazing turnaround!

If someone was to tell me that Arsenal would be 3-0 up against Newcastle within half an hour, I would say the person must be dreaming or Arsene Wenger has left out Bentner, Arshavin and Rosicky and Walcott is injured again. Even more astounding was the fact that the game was held at the north east fortress of St. James’s Park. But that’s what happened last night. By half time Arsene Wenger’s team had alreay chalked up a healthy 4-0 lead.
Even more astounding, Newscastle made a miraculous come back and managed to end the game with a 4-4 draw. I have never seen such an amazing comeback through all my years of watching the EPL. Even though, I remarked to my daughter that at the end of the game Arsenal would allow the opponent to score and they could even loose the game. I was referring to the match against Spurs last year where Arsenal gave up a two-goal lead and end up losing 3-2. Of course I was joking, nobody can see Newcastle to score four goals in 45 minutes against against a team like Arsenal, even with ten men. But somehow it happened. Joe Barton did so well in raising the irritation level of Diaby and managed to get him sent off and created so much tension in the Arsenal team they lost control of the match and gave away two penalties. Doubly amazing was the fact that for such an elite team like Arsenal to lose control so easily due to provocation by people like Barton. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. Of course the entertainment level of the game notched up a few levels, I believe a lot of Arsenal fans must have suffered severe heart attack before the final whistle was blown. I half expect Arsene Wenger’s press statement tomorrow blaming Arsenal’s defeat to the pitch condition, Newcastle’s harassment tactics and position of the celestial stars conspiring against his team. Unfortunately Arsenal failed to take advantage of the demise of Man U’s unbeaten record. They lost 2-1 to Blackpool later in the night. If teams like Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea continue to play like Arsenal like night, I tell you that is the sign that Man U is to be champion again.


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