Sporting weekend

It was a sportsful weekend. Like a true soccer fan, we braved the rain on Saturday to see the curtain raiser match for the new Super League season. Drove all the way to Shah Alam in the drizzle arriving just in time to see Kelantan awarded a penalty which Norsharul easily converted. Kelantan kept their momentum from last season and they really outpaced, outwitted and outsmarted the star studded Selangor. Fortunately Kelantan won 2-0. I could not imagine what would happen if they lose. Even in winning their fans still threw firecrackers to the field, lighted up flares and rained the pitch with anything they could hold on to. Really remind me of the mayhem during stoning of the jamrah in Mina. In fact, the game was held up for about ten minutes in the second half due to the behaviour of the Kelantan fans. They were not even provoked. They were well separated from the Selangor fans and the FRU plus RELA kept a close watch on them. But still, the Red Warrior fans could not behave themselves. Going by the quality of the game, the recent AFF success was a mere flash in the pan as far as Malaysian soccer is concerned. The game was the usual boring Malaysian soccer dishes out for the past few decades. Star player like Safee Sali was back to his normal lethargic heavy footed self. He hardly created any trouble to Khairul Fahmi. Only Norsharul and that free kick by .. I forgotten his name, yeah, one Badri Radzi created some sort of sparks to lighten up the game. Karatu’s tactic of stifling Selangor really worked.

Fortunately the game between Australia and Japan was a bit better. Of course it was nowhere near the excitement of Japan vs S. Korea semi final match. Despite my joy at the Japanese victory, I could not help feeling sorry for the Aussies. They had numerous chances but they squandered them all and the Japanese gkeeper Kawashima was in outstanding form. The result was good for East Asia.

I was further disappointed when Lee Chong Wei was again beaten by Lin Dan. Chong Wei did everything he could under the circumstances but he is still unable to win the psychological battle against Lin Dan. Despite his number 1 ranking, you can see he is still awed by Lin Dan. Chong Wei, tried all his might, Lin Dan simply threw them back at him with ease and trickery that forced Chong Wei into making mistakes. Maybe it was a bit difficult for Lin Dan this time, we did not see the smirk on his face this time. His winning jig was also missing.My fervent hope is that, Chong Wei is slowly gaining ground in the psyche war with Lin Dan and by the time the All England and Olympics, he would have the upper hand.

I was also disappointed when Andy Murray failed to raise the Scottish flag at Australian Open Final and Britain 75-year wait for a British Australian Open champion continues. And to make matter worse, Forest were beaten 3-2 at Upton Park and Swansea was beaten at home by Leyton Orient. Oh what a weekend, and for God’s sake, let that sulking  Torres go. And no, do not bring back Le Sulk to Anfield


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