2010 : A decade of the new millennium

How time flies. In a few days, 2010 would no longer come with morning sun. That means a decade of the 3rd millennium almost gone ina jiffy. I still remember the whole world was in a jittery state when 2000 came in, especially with the so called Y2K bug. Well I wonder if it was really true that Y2K would  run riot in our lives. We would never find out. One thing for sure somebody or some organisations sure made a killing out the fear. Somehow the doom sayers really made a field day. Almost all organisations that employ computers in their daily lives – that is almost everybody in the modern earth – were really worked up by certain parties of the impendding disaster that would strike if the Y2K bugs were not fixed. It was so convincing, we all fell for it. Now I did not know whether it was an elaborate scam or there was any truth in it. I wish somebody who had not done anything to shoo away the bugs would come forward and share their side of the story. Some how I got this feeling, the global warming scare that being bandied around by people like AlGore were along the same story line. I have read somewhere that the climatic change is a normal cycle that happens every a few hundred years and no way you can stop it. It is a nature’s way of cleansing itself.

2010 came and now almost gone in double quick time.With new bosses at the helm we were quickly whipped in a frenzy, we hardly had time to ponder on what might have beens or could have beens. Before you knew it, it is almost over.  Major events that we covered this year include New Year’s address by the minister in early Jan followed the timid affair of meet the teachers session following the abolishment of PPSMI. In the briefing, I would have thought our teachers would be more forceful and fiery in fielding the feeelings as they normally would when they are not happy with something. I suppose they must be happy with the decision, unlike PAGE who went on an unrelenting journey to get the Minister to reverse the decision. Teachers Day celebration in Pahang gave us quite a few headaches, especially with the organisations of things. I am hoping, this year’s celebration in Kuching would be an easier journey. The biggest disappointment must be the Perhimpunan Guru 1Malaysia. Technical glitches aside, many attendees complaint of not getting anything out of the meeting. A sheer waste was the general feeling. But then, we cannot force the PM to say anything he is not prepared to say or something that would be detrimental to the state. He is a responsible man. On a positive note, we got the rare chance of testing our spanking new OB van.

With what maybe my final jottings in 2010, I wish everybody a Happy and prosperous 2011. More so those want to get married in 11.11.11 next year. Hopefully I could be more productive and less procrastinating  in 2011.


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