Blogging is so old fashioned

Some youngsters told me that blogging no longer in fashion. It is only for the olds who are sentimental,  had an axe to grind or without a hole to vent the pent up frustrations and like long narratives and fairly unsavvy about the world of gizmos. They may right if you look at the top blog spots in the country are manned by ole timers like Rocky Bru, Che Det, and Kickdefella.

Well, that wasn’t the reason I was away from the blogging scene for quite a while.  I was away to a place where Broadband kampung has not existed yet, then was caught in a mayhem of office madness only to be struck with a bout of cold for four straight days. It was four straight days of sheer flat out. I only managed to stay a float and attending meetings like zombie. I couldn’t even managed to change my office dress on Friday as i was absolutely knackered. Two days of nothingness but lying around, not even taking a bath seemed to help me to recover a bit. Maybe the good bacteria that had accumulated on the skin helped to fight off whatever virus was attacking me. Even mosquitoes slew away from me. LOL. Alhamdulillah so far I am holding up, I do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. I really hate to see  the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary. I  would hold on as long as my body would hold. Of course that did not go down too well with the missus. I just close my ears, grin and bear it.


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