Qatar 2022: Russia 2018

Port doha stadium

The results for the selection for the hostof the 2018 and 2022 world cup were announced in the early Thursday morning. I was half asleep in  a hotel in Subang jaya at that time. The words of Sepp Blatter in announcing the winner for the 2018 really jolted me up. Russia? After all Vladimir Putin had never bother to  turn up, saying it was farce. Russia managed to garner 13 votes in the second round, well ahead of  Portugal-Spain (7) and Holland-Belgium (2). England, the self proclaimed motherland of football was eliminated in the first round when they garnered only 2 votes. Of course, the England supporters make so much noise over their elimination. What is more surprising is the selection of Qatar to host 2022 games. The bid that being dismissed as preposterous and far fetched earlier had stumped everyone, except the selection committee, had won 14 votes, defeating USA. Well, the result maybe good for small aspiring nations but people cannot help but wonder if the deep pocket of Qatar got anything to do with it. The bid was won solely on the promise of deliverance with absolutely no big time footballing history and current capabilities. I reckon Qatar must have met and excelled in all the criteria outlined by FIFA for the selection. It is intriguing to see how the all climatised stadia going to work. One sarcastic remarks from the defeated  South Korean bidder ” Now that our bid to host the cup was scuttled, the Korean electronics company should start submitting their bids for the supply of airconds for the stadia in Qatar”


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